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Ship services

Ship service is a really broad concept. A lot of different things can probably fit into the concept of ship service. Such things as customs brokers and forwarders, worldwide shipping agents, agents and brokers working on supplies.

But also we can interpret ship services as the marine transportation and spill response. Different services to use: launch, labor, lightering, logistic and expediting, material handling, waste management and, at least, containment booming and fendering.

Here, at the Maritime Marketplace Fleetle.com, you can advertise your services for ships, ship owners and brokers. You’re also able to find interesting ads of the same theme. Both ways are very easy to use and can be useful for your business.

You have to be registered in our system to place your ads or to find out contact information of owners or brokers, who placed that ads some time before. But to browse them you don’t even need to register. Neither to pay any money. If you want to find marketable or cheap service, you aren’t to pay or do anything else. Just enjoy and work it out.

Different ship services and a lot of seekers for service owners are placed at Fleetle.com especially for you. Just start browsing the tabs above or below (they are common) or use our search and advanced search, they are really well done.